Suffering From Bad Breath?



EVERYONE is scared of bad breath! Almost nothing is as embarrassing in social situations, in fact, it’s the 3rd most common reason people visit the dentist! (1st is decay, 2nd is gum disease.) The good news is that Marbella Dentistry can help you control bad breath FOR GOOD! Do you commonly find yourself asking, “I wonder if my breath is bad?” or “Why does my mouth taste so bad in the morning?” This is very common, and the answer is pretty simple.

Of course, bad breath can be caused by something you ate, like garlic or onions. This is usually temporary due to your last meal. We are discussing more of a chronic bad breath situation, where it seems like no matter what you do you still have bad breath.

Did you know, in almost all cases, bacteria is the cause? 90% of chronic bad breath cases originate from the mouth, but there are other syndromes and illnesses that can contribute to bad breath, like those involving the digestive tract.


In the presence of gum disease, it is almost guaranteed you’ll have some degree of bad breath. The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria causing gum disease that proliferate under the gum line secrete what is called Volatile Silver Compounds (VSC). Everyone produces VCS’s because no one’s mouth is bacteria-free. Yet, in order to be “bad breath free,” the levels have to be undetectable to the human nose.

Have you ever noticed that when you floss you can get a foul taste in your mouth after? That is because you’ve dislodged some of that bacteria and VSC’s.

SOLUTION: Get rid of the presence of gum disease in your mouth. We can help diagnose this problem for you at Marbella Dentistry in Cibolo, TX!