Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain should never be ignored. Tooth pain is an indication that something is seriously wrong with your oral health. Marbella Dentistry is a comprehensive dental practice that offers tooth pain relief. Tooth pain is the symptom of a greater issue such as a damaged, decaying or infected tooth.

The most important aspect of any type of dental discomfort is finding the source of the pain. Knowing what is causing your tooth pain allows you to receive proper treatment. Without intervention, your pain will only get worse. Any type of infection or decay can easily spread throughout the entire mouth, causing more significant issues. The dental team at Marbella Dentistry is dedicated to providing you with comfortable and complete dental care. We offer treatment for gum recession, TMJ/TMD, cracked or damaged teeth, root canal therapy and more. Our professionals will treat the issue and restore your oral health. Please do not ignore your tooth pain. Call us today.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a chronic condition that can negatively impact many different areas of your life. Waking up in the mornings with frequent headaches, a stiff neck, sore jaw muscles or a constant ringing in your ears, are all symptoms of TMJ or TMD. Marbella Dentistry offers diagnosis and effective treatment for jaw pain.

Our comprehensive dental practice is made up of a team who believes in providing great dental care with adherence to high standards and ideals. We will work to make sure that you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. If your jaw pain is interfering with your life, please contact our practice. We understand how treatment helps you find relief from your current discomfort and will help you to maintain great dental health in the future. Our dental practice accepts many forms of dental insurance, and we offer an in-house payment plan for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and find effective treatment for your jaw pain.