Safety |

Here’s a little more information about how we’re providing 5-star care in a safe, sterile environment:

  • COVID Concierge: Our staff will escort you from your vehicle directly to your dental suite, after providing hand sanitizer, show covers, and a quick forehead scan!
  • Touch-less Experience: All paperwork will be filled out online, prior to your visit, and we’ve temporarily removed items like magazines, beverage bar, pens, toys etc from our office. You’ll also be able to easily pay your bill through an online link.
  • Team training and Cleanliness Certification: Our doctors and staff have gone above and beyond tocomplete training on CDC guidelines, safety protocols, and sterilization procedures. You’ll see theircertificates up throughout the office when you visit!
  • PPE: You’ll see us wearing N95 masks, gowns, gloves, and surgical caps. While this may look a little “scary”, don’t worry! We’re wearing our smiles under the additional protection, and simply want to make sure we’re taking every precaution we can for the safety of our patients!
  • Operatory Equipment: Our dental suites have some slick new upgrades! In each room, you’ll find a HEPA air filter and UV light, and additional equipment being used to reduce aerosols created during dental procedures (in layman’s terms, we are purifying the air and removing bacteria and viruses!)
  • Additional Cleaning Measures: While our patients are already used to a sparkling clean office, we want you to know that every day our office is being deep cleaned by a cleaning crew, and everything is wiped down and sanitized. Our office is brought up to a biologically certified level of sterilization before the start of each day.

A letter to our amazing patients:

The New Normal in Dentistry,

As we navigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot to process— physically, mentally, professionally, and financially.

In accordance with the CDC, we are at the forefront in establishing a new dental standard of care, becoming a leader in advancing health in these new times.

We have focused on creating a “clean environment” and in addition to our standard sterilization processes, each operatory has been modernized to include a medical grade air purification system and UV-C lights.

These systems will remove pollutants, bio-aerosols, and bacteria from the air while UV-C lights kill residual bacteria and viruses. Our care coordinators are dedicated to your safety and leading this new standard of care. We are here to answer any questions you have!

A clean mouth is important to your overall health, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

-Your Marbella Family