Ultra Sonic Cleanings

Are your teeth cleaned professionally every six months? If not, you are missing one the major preventative measures to ensure optimum oral health. Some people are apprehensive about getting their teeth cleaned or they feel they do enough brushing and flossing at home so that professional cleaning is not necessary. There is actually little discomfort associated with ultra sonic cleanings. The hygienists at Marbella Dentistry use a gentle touch when cleaning your teeth. Having your teeth professionally cleaned as part of your family dental care service will keep your smile looking bright and help prevent dental carries and gum tissue problems from developing. If there are any gum tissue problems, a professional cleaning will help keep them from getting worse.

Prevent Gingivitis and Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily will definitely make a difference in your oral health. However, even with proper care at home, plaque, also known as tartar, can build up on your teeth. Plaque is a hard substance that builds up on the tooth surface. Stains from coffee, tea and certain foods can dull and yellow your teeth also. Our hygienists and dentists at Marbella Dentistry can remove the plaque and eliminate stains for you. Ultra sonic cleaning removes the plaque leaving your teeth feeling smooth and looking their best.

Even though you are brushing and flossing, plaque continues to build up between the gums and the tooth surface in areas that brushing and flossing cannot reach. Left untreated, this plaque can eventually lead to gum disease such as gingivitis and loosening of affected teeth. Gum disease is especially concerning in older adults and those who do not brush regularly. Ultra sonic cleaning gets in those difficult to reach areas and removes harmful plaque restoring a healthy oral environment.

Unchecked gingivitis can lead to a variety of health problems one of which is increased risk of heart attack. Not only does it affect your appearance with red and puffy gums, it can also cause loss of teeth. It is a preventable disease and the dental team at Marbella Dentistry is dedicated to ensuring that you do not develop this unnecessary condition.

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