Neglecting to replace your missing teeth can lead to a variety of aesthetic and functional problems when it comes to your smile. Missing teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift out of place, which often results in a misaligned bite and jaw discomfort. If you have multiple missing teeth, your jaw may not be properly stimulated when chewing. This can eventually lead to bone loss in your jaw and premature facial aging. You may also find that eating and speaking is more difficult with missing teeth. Our dentists at Marbella Dentistry are specially trained and experienced when it comes to restoring your smile with cosmetic dentures. Whether it is a few teeth or a full mouth replacement, we offer a complete menu of denture options to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle preferences.

Our office makes it a priority to ensure patients are completely satisfied and comfortable in their new custom dentures. To this end, we are meticulous about our method of crafting and fitting dentures. You can expect a multi-step process that is as streamlined and convenient as possible. From your initial wax bite impression to your final denture adjustments, our staff will treat you like you were a member of our own family. We believe that restoring your smile should be a positive and rewarding experience from beginning to end.

If you have missing teeth and would like to improve your facial appearance and jaw function with cosmetic dentures, please call Marbella Dentistry today. Our practice also offers dental implants as an alternative to dentures. We look forward to crafting a beautiful, functional and natural-looking smile just for you.