The teeth are strong; but if you are not careful enough, they can break and chip. Enamel, the hardest substance that encases the teeth, can even wear out over time. Some of the factors that can harm the pearly whites include the consumption of acidic drinks, not using mouthguards when playing contact sports, the exposure of the teeth to sugary treats, and bad dental habits. But here’s the good news: We at Marbella Dentistry offer a solution that can repair damaged teeth! Our dental crowns are made from durable materials for a long-lasting restoration. They are fashioned carefully to look as natural as possible inside the person’s mouth.

dental crowns

Get to Know Dental Crowns More!

Dental crowns can be your go-to teeth repair. Learn more about this particular prosthesis by reading the facts below:

Restore Teeth Damaged by Cavities

Patients who have decay on their teeth can take advantage of dental crowns to regain the function of the affected structures.

A Natural and Permanent Solution

Dental crowns look like real teeth. Through the use of special dental cement, the prostheses can be bonded permanently in place.


The longevity of dental crowns is quite decent. If the dentist’s instructions are observed, they can last for a maximum of 15 years!


Dental crowns can be used alone or with dental implants. They are also utilized to restore the teeth that had been treated with root canals. Moreover, dental crowns support bridges to correctly ‘bridge’ the gap caused by missing teeth.


The placement of dental crowns requires several dental visits typically. But other types of crowns can be installed in just a single session.

Well-Fitted Restoration

Teeth shaving is done during the application of dental crowns as this step allows the prostheses to fit comfortably over the natural teeth.

Dental crowns are not just used in the field of restorative dentistry. The prostheses can serve other cosmetic purposes as well.

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