For people who have always been conscious of their misaligned teeth, undergoing orthodontic treatments is the best solution. However, the unsightliness of the metal components used and the duration of its wear are some of the factors that turn people off. The good news is, there are now several options people can choose from that can cater to their needs and preferences.

Those whose dental issues are more on the cosmetic side, we at Marbella Dentistry encourage them to consider the Six Month Smiles approach. As its name suggests, the average treatment time for people to achieve straight teeth is six short months. Thanks to this, there is no longer a need for people to endure a year or two of wearing an orthodontic device. Due to the less amount of time required, Six Month Smiles is ideal for people who are preparing for an important event or a big interview.

Six Month Smiles

How does Six Month Smiles work?

It starts with an initial consultation to know if the patient is qualified to take advantage of the orthodontic option. Their teeth and gums would be checked to make sure that they are in good condition. If the patient is a candidate, the dentist would then discuss their cosmetic concerns for the formulation of the treatment plan. After everything is ready, here are the things that would take place:

Note: Instead of bonding the brackets manually, Six Month Smiles uses the pre-made ones that are placed in a bonding tray. These brackets are positioned based on the treatment plan specific for a patient.

With all the components in place, the patient would then be advised to book monthly visits for monitoring and adjustments of the orthodontic appliance. In an average of six months, the brackets and wires will be removed, signaling the end of the treatment. However, they would be required to wear retainers to prevent the relapse of the teeth. It is crucial for patients to strictly follow the instructions provided by the dental professional even after their Six Month Smiles treatment to make sure that their straight teeth would be kept in their proper places.

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