Most people know that the teeth enamel are the hardest substance in the whole body and that an average adult can have a total of 32 teeth. The teeth are essential for the overall health of everyone at any age. It helps children grow properly, get enough nutrition, develop proper speech, build their confidence, and more.

People would even go the extra mile in achieving perfectly straight and bright teeth by undergoing certain dental procedures. Thanks to dentistry, the teeth can be properly maintained and cared for by offering various treatments for its protection, beautification, or restoration.

Woman getting her teeth checked at Marbella Dentistry in Cibolo, TX

Interesting Facts about Teeth

Although many dental treatments are available for the proper care and maintenance of the teeth, there are still some instances that would require its removal. It is to ensure the proper dental condition of patients and to prevent any complications from developing.

Reasons Why a Tooth should be Extracted

At Marbella Dentistry, we perform tooth extraction procedures with the use of sedation to guarantee patient’s safety and comfort for the maximum care of their overall dental health.

Looking for a safe, comfortable, and pain-free procedure? Book an appointment with us at Marbella Dentistry! We have a caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Tooth Extraction in Cibolo, TX.