A damaged tooth is an absolute bummer. It affects the way a person speaks, eat, and chew. Aside from that, a person’s confidence is depleted. Luckily, here at Marbella Dentistry, dental crowns (also referred to as caps) are available as a way of saving the affected tooth. Crowns are fully cemented into place, encasing the damage of the tooth.

dental crowns

Why do people get dental crowns?

When a tooth is severely fractured, the dentist will suggest getting dental crowns in order to protect and restore the part of the tooth that is damaged. As a result, the remaining tooth structure is strengthened, and the appearance of a person’s smile is improved. For those who have dental bridges, crowns are used to hold bridges in place. In addition, dental crowns can also cover discolored and misshapen teeth. 

What happens during the procedure of getting dental crowns?

Fitting a dental crown will require two trips to the dental office. First, the dentist will remove the decay from the tooth, shapes it, and prepares it for the next step. The dentist will then make an impression to determine the shape of the dental crown. For the meantime, a temporary crown will be fitted on the tooth. The dentist will schedule another appointment to remove the temporary crown and place the new crown made from the lab. The dentist will match the color of the dental prosthesis to the natural color of the tooth. For those considering teeth whitening treatments, it is best to get these treatments first before the bridges are put into place as teeth whitening procedures do not affect the dental crowns. 

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