Pain Control

As much as 40 million Americans have a fear of going to the dentist, which frequently stems from a fear of pain. At Marbella Dentistry, we offer ways to eliminate pain from your dental experience. By offering a variety of sedation dentistry options as part of our family dentistry treatments, as well as revolutionizing how our patients receive injections, we can deliver painless dental procedures to patients of all ages. Whether you are receiving a dental crown or a deep cleaning, we always prioritize your concerns about pain and discomfort. Our dental practice in Cibolo offers a unique, spa-like experience from the moment you walk in our doors until your final dental concerns are resolved. Our friendly staff, warm office environment and upscale amenities are just a few of the many ways we make your dental care a positive and rewarding experience.

Our High-Tech Secret Weapon - The DentalVibe

The use of modern technology strongly facilitates our mission to provide comfortable and efficient dental care. When it comes to receiving injections, the DentalVibe is our secret weapon to painless dentistry. The DentalVibe is a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. These vibration signals are able to travel to the brain quicker than pain signals. Therefore, the DentalVibe technology essentially blocks the sensation of pain from ever being felt. This technology works so well that most patients are unaware of the fact that they just received a shot. To maximize your comfort during injections, we also use a numbing gel and warmed anesthetic solution to precede our DentalVibe technology. If you suffer from a fear of pain or injections at the dental office, we invite you to experience dental care in a whole new way at Marbella Dentistry.

The health and beauty of your smile is a valuable investment. If you are avoiding restorative dental procedures that you need or cosmetic dental services that you want because of a fear of pain, Marbella Dentistry is a place for you. We offer a full range of dental services with a gentle touch and advanced techniques so that you can achieve the smile you deserve without discomfort. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services.