Despite the advancements in dentistry, there are still many cases of tooth loss. People are constantly reminded of performing proper hygiene practices and scheduling dental visits. However, there are various reasons for a person to lose a tooth or two and it is not just because of inadequate oral care. Injuries and complications can also lead to tooth loss. But, whatever the case may be, missing a tooth is never a pleasant experience.

A person can only have two sets of teeth in their lifetime: the primary and permanent teeth. The primary teeth help children process the foods they consume to get the nutrients needed by the body as well as the development of speech. These chompers are supposed to fall out after some time to be replaced with the permanent teeth. The second set of teeth are the last. There is no longer a natural way for them to be restored; fortunately, that is where we at Marbella Dentistry can provide a solution! Restorations using a particular prosthesis will be provided based on the needs and preferences of a patient.

A Favorable Restoration Option

There is a particular option nowadays that has gained the favor of people suffering from tooth loss. The solution is said to be the one that comes the closest to real teeth. Instead of a removable appliance, the prostheses like crowns, bridges, and dentures are supported by screw-like devices. These are securely placed on the jawbone by surgery to serve as the replacement of the lost roots.

What sets it apart from other restoration are the advantages it offers like the ones below:

Thanks to the advances in technology, dental patients can now get a solution to the worries that have been bothering them for years!

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