Those sharp, throbbing or excruciating pain in the tooth should not be disregarded. Whether it’s minor or intense, a toothache needs immediate relief. People can do several things to ease tooth pain. They may resort to DIYs, natural remedies, or over-the-counter pain relievers but nothing can be compared with the solution that a dental professional can give.

Dentists can accurately cure a toothache, but they do not suggest a treatment right away. Dental professionals perform a thorough examination of the patient’s oral problem first. They assess the cause of the tooth pain and scheme a treatment plan for the patient. Depending on the root cause of the condition, our dentist at Marbella Dentistry can provide therapies for root canals, cracked or damaged teeth, and gum recession.

Toothache Facts

Here are the things that people should be aware of regarding tooth pain:

It has various causes

Cavities are not the only reason why a person suffers from a toothache. People tend to experience discomfort in their tooth if they have compromised gum health. Yes, gum disease encourages tooth pain—same goes with an infection. When it hits the root of the tooth, this specific pearly white will ache persistently. Damaged dental fillings, chipped tooth, or teeth-grinding can also cause tooth pain.

A toothache may give off symptoms other than pain

The most typical indication of a toothache is a pain. But other than this sign, people can also get symptoms such as discomfort when the tooth is exposed to pressures. They may as well feel that their sense of taste is becoming bad. Another hint that the person is struggling with a toothache is when their gums start to sore or swell. In some cases, those who are dealing with tooth pain may experience a fever or headache.

Some factors trigger tooth pain

Tooth pain may heighten if the person fails to observe the right habits as recommended by the dental professional. For example, munching hard foods or biting on solid objects can aggravate the condition. Sipping on beverages with high or cold temperatures can also make the teeth sensitive, thereby causing discomfort.

No matter what the source of a toothache is, it is always better to rely on the professional for its treatment.

Here at Marbella Dentistry, we can perform dental procedures to counter tooth pain. For more information about our Tooth Pain Relief in Cibolo, TX, contact our office. You may visit us as well at 791 FM1103, #119, Cibolo, TX 78108.